Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello there gals! I've been very busy with school, but its Christmas break time! I'm so happy and relaxed. ^_^ I've not been taking very many pics lately, but I will start more soon!

Anyway, I'd like to share what I've been doing with my nails recently. I've been feeling creative the last couple of months and feel like my nails have been looking pretty good as a result! These are my nails from August and forward through this month.

Please comment and tell me what you think. :)





Monday, October 17, 2011

Nails - Simple HK Pink and White

A simple and easy to do yourself nail design. Lots of people ask me how I do my nails - and its actually very easy. A tutorial is in the works! I will do a picspam with easy to follow steps.

Anyway - hope you like my Hello Kitty design! Not very elaborate, but I was craving something clean looking.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

BACK! Quick makeup shot!

One of my first successful attempts at bottom lashes! Practice makes perfect, and I'm getting better each time. :) Haha... my foundation melted off (we were at pride parade!) so my skin is kinda meh, but my eye makeup held up very well!

Now that summer school is over with - talk about rough - I am back to blogging and sharing! :) I've got lots of stuff to blog about.

My only complaint is that I used diamond bottom in Princess, and the band was a bit thick. I felt like it was really noticeable. What do you think?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you for real? Fashion Friday - JC Shoes

A second edition of Are you for real? Fashion Friday! Lets look at some crazy Jeffrey Campbell shoes...

Could these possibly be comfortable? Eh... what happened to arch support?

Can't tell if these would look dumb on someone's feet or awesome....

You can see a large variety of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at SoleStruck.

Can you see these on you? Cute or not?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pink Glitter Nails

Just a quick update. ^_^ Here are some recent nails I did. I got the pink glitter acrylics done at a salon and deco-ed myself.

:( Unfortunately this was after the scooter accident I had in Mexico, so I'm hiding the nail that got chipped off on that hand. LOL... the other hand didn't survive as far as nails go! But the right hand mirrored the left as far as the deco is concerned. ;) You get the idea!

I've got quite a few pictures from Mexico I will share in my next post. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fringe is IN - Affordable BAGS

From my last post, lets keep with fringe and look at bags. Again, I think fringe is tons of fun, but should be kept to accessories!

Here is a hot bag with lots and lots of fringe. ^_^ Could be so happy with this purse...

$473.00. OUCH. Available at JJ Winters.
I'd like to show you my picks for fringe bags at much more palatable prices. The last one (in black) is my fav and would go great with the Ami Club Wear fringe shoes from my last post.

$39.50 Available at PACSUN. This Volcom bag is a cutie with a feminine chain strap.

$34.99 Available at PACSUN. I really like this one - not too much fringe and very roomy!

$59.00 Available at Urban Outfitters. This one is a bit more money, but the fringe detail is different. I'm really liking the tied leather straps acting as the fringe here. :)

$39.94 Available at DSW. This one is perfect in my opinion! It can be a tote or a shoulder bag, plenty of fringe with some really cool metal detailing, and big enough to carry lots of goodies. ^_^

I really feel like these bags can work with ANY outfit. Which one do you like best?

Fringe is IN - Affordable SHOES

Fringe is hot right now! I love to see this look in bags and shoes. Very fun and playful looking! Fringe can easily be paired with the tribal/ethnic trend by matching it up with statement turquoise jewelry, feather accessories, and flow-y tunics. Now, fur leg warmers and fox tails were hot last season and have left the scene. Fringe is probably just a S/S trend. That being established, I don't think you or I should shell out, for example, $825.00 for these fabulous Vivienne Westwood heeled boots.

$825.00 Available at Zappos here. So sexy! SO out of my price range.

Here are my picks for some adorable fringe shoes. The ones from Ami Club Wear are the most affordable at $27 and the wildest (and my fav) are from Sears (of all places) for $80. :)

$43.99 Available at Jacco Fashion. So pretty in pink suede. I can see these particular boots moving to Fall possibly.

$40.95 Available at Amazon. These would look great with an ethnic/hippy coordinate. ^_^

$26.99 Available at Ami Club Wear. Very chiq and such a great price. Very in love with the platform and peep toe!

$79.20 Available at Sears. These are my favorite! Lots of fringe and really cool buckle details with small peep toe for Summer.

I like the trend, but be careful! Too much fringe and you will look like a weird trip to the early 90's, lol. Keep this trend to accessories like shoes, bags, and earrings, and avoid wearing fringe tops with fringe everything else!

Jeffrey Campbell boots - for much less ^_~

I've always lusted over Jeffrey Campbell shoes. However at $100 - $200 a pair, I haven't been brave enough to spend that much on a pair of boots.

But here we might have a solution!! Check these out:

These are only $35 at Make Me Chic. :) In my opinion, this would be an excellent opportunity to try this style without shelling out lots of cash and killing your budget. They look like a combination of these two Jeffrey Campbell shoes below:

This is the Mary Roks by Jeffrey Campbell priced at $124.95 at SoleStruck.

This is the 99 Tie Glitter by Jeffrey Campbell priced at 139.95 at SoleStruck.

I purchased these since it was such a reasonable price! I will review and post pics as soon as I get them in. Of course, I've only heard and never experienced how a Jeffrey Campbell shoe fits and feels. I will try to convey a good review with as much information as possible though!

What's your verdict? Are these a suitable substitution or can nothing compare to Jeffrey Campbell shoes?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you for real? Fashion Friday

Hello Guys and Gals! I’m starting a new “segment” here called – Are you for real? Fashion Fridays.

Every other Friday or so, I will bring to your attention some questionable fashion items. Maybe those crazy high waist-ed pants or extravagant shoes for example… I’m trying a fun spin on a fashion police kind of deal.Would you wear or is it off the wall?

So let’s see what’s up first! Check out these sunglasses from Collette. Pretty crazy, yeah? But kind of really awesome in weird way… I could never pull these off, but the model seems to have no problem.

What do you think? Fashion forward or really dumb?

And of course you can purchase these lovelies here:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TREND ALERT - Flare/Bell Bottom

Shorts and skirts will always be a staple for summer, but what about pants this season? ^_^ I'm happy to see lots of inspiration in flare leg and bell bottom style jeans!

Go with a tight hip and loose legs and pair this with a chiffon top (I'm thinking polka dots) for a sweet retro girly look. Or go ethnic or hippy with a bright or print flow-y top, big turquoise jewelry, and boots.

Here are several pictures for inspiration! 2nd pic is my fav from EGG magazine, a really cool dark denim.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE flare leg or bell bottom pants for shorts gals - it elongates and slims. Even though light wash is in right now, a darker wash will increase the effect for your figure. Be careful if you're going to "high waist-ed" route, as this can make you look poochy in the lower tummy region.

What I'm seeing is going away from the damaged denim look and is leaning towards a crisp and clean denim. Hahaha... almost makes me want to iron my jeans (totally kidding, I swear)!

What do you think about about this trend in jeans? Will we be brave enough to wear and risk suffering the heat of pants in the summer-time? I will.

Friday, April 29, 2011

TREAT FOR ME - Louis Vuitton GET

It turns out I overpaid the hospital for my surgery, so I invested the money.

In a leather purse that will last me years and years.

I chose the Blue EPI Speedy by LV from an MPRS. I think this classic style and color pretty much goes with EVERYTHING. Just the right pop of beautiful color.

Sadly, I must wait 2 - 3 weeks for this darling.

The purse comes with the key and lock too. Lucky me!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mint's first giveaway, lots of cool stuffs to win ^_^

check it out here:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Japan Festival - Ganbarre! (IMG HVY) PART 1

Japan Festival is an annual event held in Houston's Hermann Park to showcase Japanese culture, food, music, etc. This year the weather was very nice (although I did get sun burned). There were tons of shops, food stalls, and activities! It was tons of fun, so lets what was there!

It was quite crowded near the stalls, but lots of grass room to relax!

The line for Takoyaki (octopus balls) and Taiyaki (fish shaped pastry) was super long!

Taiyaki is a sweet pastry filled with red bean paste. ^_^

Takoyaki is a fried battered seafood ball with teriyaki sauce.

In addition to the stalls, there were also blankets laid out to look through things available for purchase.

More to come, with lots and lots of pictures! ^_^

Friday, April 8, 2011

Miu Miu online store and spring wishes

Miu Miu, a brand I am constantly drooling over, now has an online store to tempt you. I've always admired this brand as they carry very classy luxury items. Most of their bags wouldn't go out of style for a VERY long time. Soft supple leather, attention to detail, gleaming gold and silver hardware... Don't worry though! The prices will always bring you back down to planet Earth. You can check it out here.

Now, if money were no object (dreams) these are a few items I would snag for sure.

This gorgeous spring bag...

Fabulous Shoes....

Charming bracelet....