Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My First Blog Award

Thanks to Shahana! She gave me the "A Blog With Substance" award. This is my first blog award. Yay!

To accept the award I must do the following:

1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award Done!

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
Defining myself as a Gal.

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.

Here we go:

1. 101 Life Moments
2. Chaudie
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4. Just Thinking
5. No One Sleep in Tokyo
6. One Day at a Time
7. The Bitchy Waiter
8. University Gyaru Land
9. NeNe's World
10. Ayame

Congratulations to everyone above! And yes, I really DO think your blog is something with substance. So share the love!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nail Deco

Hi Gals! I've been super busy this weekend giving my closet a makeover. :) Lots of hard work, bur definitely worth it! This huge project is almost complete, and pictures will be right around the corner!

In the meantime, I took a break on Saturday for some nail deco. A hard working Gal like me needs to look fabulous from head to toe!

I used a crazy glue pen (kind of like super glue or nail glue) and some flat back rhinestones I purchased from Micheal's Craft Store.

What do you think? Too many jewels or no?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Remember my post about the ebay purchase of a lash case?

My Dolly Wink lash case has arrived! Well, it got here a couple of weeks ago, I just haven't posted pics yet. So - here it is!! SO adorable; I love it!!

It's spacious and has a separate compartment for tiny individual lashes... or maybe even to soak your lashes in some cleanser?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can find lots of Dolly Wink products on ebay. Just type "Dolly Wink" in the search bar. You will be pleasantly surprised. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shiritaki Noodles

I ordered some zero calorie and zero net carb noodles from MiracleNoodle.com to supplement my diet efforts. Supposedly... this is how asian people are skinny? I don't believe it. However, this seems to be a healthier alternative to pasta. So, I'll give it a shot!

All you do is rinse in a colander with cool water, then place in boiling water for a couple of minutes, and then you can eat it with your favorite sauce or stir-fry. I first tried this with marinara. The taste was definitely not like pasta, but it was OK. I think I need to try more dishes to see how it works out.

Anyway, here are some pics of the noodles and their info.

And for cute-ness, here is Allison in the packing box. :)

By the way... is anyone else out there on a diet before the holidays kick in?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gal Meet - PIC HEAVY

Another Gal meet went down on Friday at Miller Outdoor Theater. We all had a mini picnic on the lawn and watched the Japanese Grand Taiko Festival! Tons of fun. :) Here's what I wore: blue cut half shirt, sequin leopard print tank, black pants, and pig tails with a bowler hat. I used some more "natural" looking lashes, but you can't see a thing behind my glasses. :( Lesson learned - bolder is better.

Here's the group posing for fun pics! You can check out more photos at our website: www.cherrygaltexas.webs.com. As you can tell, we had a blast! Hanging out and munching on asian snacks is so much fun with your Gals. :)

The Drum Festival was so amazing! And, Miller Outdoor Theater is free if you grab a spot on the hill. Can't wait until this happens next year! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

MODE bun with scarf

Just a quick post to show off my MODE bun with Momoko's signature scarf turban style (totally trending).

It was great for a day at the zoo, because it kept my hair off my neck. Alas, my makeup did melt away. :( But I still felt pretty with my hair up so stylishly.

Popteen is GaGa for Gaga

That's right, Popteen is GaGa for Lady Gaga in September. I adore Lady Gaga's music and style :) so very much. Our queen of pop has a two page spread in Popteen's September issue. I love the model's black and pink lashes on the cover!

Fashion items I noticed were the big bow placed in hair, "bunny ears" headband, her MODE-kei style showcasing simple color combinations with clean lines/patterns, and interesting silhouettes (first GaGa scan), and a Rokku style with torn fishnets, cut message tee, and leather and studs (second Gaga scan).

I've also noted that (of course I'm late to the party) that bowler hats are trending.

...AND, I think I'm going to try and make a "bunny ears" headband on my own and offer you guys a tutorial! Would you be interested? ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bento Box - Mini Tutorial - Pic Heavy

Bento Box lunches are so cute and fun to eat! I tried my hand at creating a meal that was pleasing to the eye and the palette. Here is the account of my cooking adventure!

There is a Super H Mart right next to my office, so my first trip was there! Here is a list of what I bought (totaled about $40):

Sushi Rice
Cherry Tomatoes
Purple Yam
Green Beans
Mini Cucumber
Soy Bean Sprouts
Hot Dogs
Thin Pork Cutlets
Pork Dumplings
Tonkatsu Sauce

Shopping for ingredients was lots of fun! Now lets get to the cooking part. Let me start off by saying that making all this was harder and took much longer than I thought it would. But... practice makes perfect, right? ^_^

First thing I did was cook my rice in a rice cooker. I added a dash of the Mirin for flavor.

Next, I took my vegetables and cut them into interesting shapes. I tried to make some smiley faces and bunnies to make my Bento Box kawaii. ;)

After that, I took my purple yam and cut it in half. One half got peeled, boiled, and then mashed with some honey and cream. This mash will be used for your Onigiri (rice balls). The other half got sliced and set aside for tempura.

Next I prepared my green beans, yam slices, and pork for tempura. First, you will dip your food in batter (one cup cold water, one cup flour, one egg). Second, you will roll your food around in the Panko. Lastly, cook in a pan with a few tablespoons of oil until golden brown.

Next you will make your Onigiri. You will need a bowl of warm salt water nearby. Dip your hands in the water and pick up some rice. Make a small pocket and put about a tablespoon of filling in the rice. Close the rice over and shape with your hands into a triangle or any shape you want!

Then, you will sprinkle your Furikake (rice seasoning) on the rice. I used soy sauce to dip my hands in, and then cooked one Onigiri in the pan for a bit to try something different (the middle brown one). Also, you can see the purple yam in the bottom one.

After all this, don't forget to steam your dumplings!
Next it's time to put it all together. I tried to make it look as cute as possible. Be creative and rearrange your Bento Box to your liking!

And finally the finished product! Not too bad for a first time, eh? Ha ha, I had no idea what I was doing, so this took me several hours! It was fun, and the Onigiri was especially good.

I didn't have a real Bento Box, so I just used a divided food storage container. I will be on the look out for some cute Bento Boxes on ebay! :)

Does anyone else have experience with Japanese cooking? Any suggestions or recipes you could share would be super helpful!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Style Update and link to a giveaway

I wore this out to a day at the mall!

My hair fell a bit flat, so I'll have to work on that. Maybe more hairspray at the roots?

Anyway, PLEASE CRITIQUE! I always want suggests on how to improve!

Also Check out Pearly n Kelly's Giveaway!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Local Store Fnd - Agaci

Wandering around the Galleria, I found a great store tucked away in a corner of the 2nd floor. It's a large store full of clothing, shoes, and accessories geared towards teens.

Agaci is a very affordable shop that carries a lot of GAL styles. www.Agacistore .com is the website. At Agaci, you can find items ranging from $15 to $40 (wow) including shoes and accessories. Below are some of their clothes and shoes that caught my eye!

I seriously need those boots and that printed shirt! What's you favorite piece out of these?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dolly Wink Purchase

I couldn't resist any longer... I had to have this adorable eyelash case by Dolly Wink!! I purchased this hot item from ebay for about $10. I love the pink and black polka dot design with the super kawaii bow!

You can get lots of Dolly Wink products easily on ebay. I have seen lashes, lash glue, eyeliner, etc ranging from $10 to $20.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Makeup Must-haves for every GAL!

Running late or feeling too "blah" to sit down and do your whole makeup routine? We've all been there. So, with these 5 beauty essentials you can create your basic gal look at a moments notice!

If you don't carry makeup, or even if you're going out with a small clutch, you can (and should) always carry these 5 slim and compact items.

1. Concealer
Get a full coverage concealer to dab under eyes and blend out any problem spots.

2. Black Eyeliner
This is obviously your basic tool for your "big dramatic eyes". Carry a black waterproof twist-up pencil for convenience.

3. Black Mascara
Not just any mascara, Gals. Go for a fabulous black waterproof mascara. Think long and voluminous lashes!

4. Powder Compact
Dust your entire face for a flawless oil free look. Try a mineral foundation if you need some more serious coverage.

5. Nude Tinted Lip Gloss
Pick a long lasting shade to compliment your skin tone and that can go with any outfit.

Keep these Beauty Basics with you at all times. Not only will you need these for quick touch ups, but you can go from frumpy to fabulous in a few minutes.

What product do you always carry with you? What can't you leave the house without?

Moments Like Diamonds Giveaway

One of my fav bloggers is having a sweet giveaway! Follow her for some great adventures and super gal updates!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lovely Blogsa!

Chaudie | Jen | Lu | Tini | Sharona | Shahana | Fuyume | Alicia | Suzanne | Ayame | Elena | Tilde | Samei | Tommy | Jenni | Anna

Check Out the Open Invite Here

Here is an update on what my lovely girls have been doing recently!

Chaudie: She's planning a GalCon for 2015. OMG this is a glorious idea! This girl is ambitious. :)

Jen: A quick post about some cute pink loose socks she's dreaming of. Speaking of socks.... well, I'll blog about that later!

Lu: She gives us a very simple rose bud nail polish tutorial.

Tini: Nothing new this week.

Sharona: A shout out for votes on http://blackweblogawards.com so lets show some support!

Shahana: She blogs about a perfect day and starting her own photography site. Her skills are great. :)

Fuyume: Here we have a fashion blog with lots of pics of great coordinates and a history of Anna Sui.

Suzanne: She's got a new camera and shows us some stunning and simple eye makeup. An everyday look that's fab if you ask me. :)

Ayame: We get a great post about what basics should be in your closet for any gyaru - looks like I need to find me a blazer, lol.

Elena: She is taking a Japanese class from a Russian (oh the lulz) and may be going to Tokyo next year... JEALOUS!

Tilde: She went on a shopping trip and got some really cute stuff! Lucky lucky. :)

Samei: She is getting her nails done and has some super cute photos up for ideas!

Tommy: Leaving London but taking a piece of the gyaru fashion back home with her.

Jenni: Here we have a makeup photo with some very pretty lashes done and a few new jackets she bought for the upcoming fall and winter. I especially love the leopard print!

Anna: She's still working on getting blog up to 100%. Did you know she's a ballerina? Wow. :)