Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fuyume's Contest

Check this out! Fuyume has 1000 visitors and is celebrating with a giveaway. We all win in this situation. :)


Lovely Blogsa - ALL THE WAY!

Chaudie | Jen | Len | Lu | Tini | Sharona | Shahana | Fuyume | Alicia | Suzanne | Ayame | Elena | Tilde | Samei | Tommy | Jenni

Check Out the Open Invite Here

Check out Chaudie and her Fab blog on party and event planning. Very well written and inspiring! I totally want to throw a party just for the heck of it now. :)

Jen shows us how cute she looks in a denim jumper. Wow - I wish I could pull off that look! Jen, You look great!

Len is busy with starting a new semester and won't be participating any more. *tear*

I'm with Lu in her latest post, and we are drooling over a super cute straw hat and hand bag. Hang on to summer just a little longer...!

Tini just scored a sweet new bag - big and silver metallic. This baby can go with just about anything! I so want one now...

Showcasing her dancing skills we have Sharona. Wow - this girl has some moves!! Check out the video of her gettin' down.

Shahana just got in a beautiful new skirt for a troupe performance coming up. Belly dancing is hard work, so I give this girl props!

Gal secrets had a pic of Fuyume up, and instead of getting hurt she turned it around to better herself. You are a great Gal, Fuyume!! :)

Suzanne just had a mini shopping spree, and I love that black and white polka dot top! Yummy!

Ayame is posting a giveaway by Fuyume to honor the 100 visitors milestone. I hope I win, so wish me luck!

Elena is revamping her blog and gave us a little peek of her Friday hair - so jealous of the length!!!

Tilde is going to her first day at her University, so lets all wish her luck!

Samei is planning some outfits and nails for an upcoming con. I can't wait to see what she puts together!

I'm with Tommy on this: I want a new camera! Besides that, Tommy has fallen in love with florals. How refreshing florals can be sometimes!

Jenni had a rough summer, but she's keeping her chin up. Cheer up! Cuddly fall weather is just around the corner. :)

That's it for the Lovely Blog-sa Gals. Check these great blogs out!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Style Update - new look?

I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World, so I went for a rokku gal look. Plus, I found a sa-weet leather vest for only $40!!! I love it so much, and it makes me feel extra sassy. :)
So take a look at my recent style update, and critique me!!!

I tried this look with distressed denim shorts here:

And then I tried on a cute tulle skirt here:

Which looks the best, gals?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lovely Blog-sa Round-up

Alicia: I've been updating my style and playing makeup with falsies. So much fun!

Chaudie: She did an awesome post about internet etiquette. I love it! :) Some gals can be mean. Also check out her adventures of being a mom and housewife and gyaru all at the same time!

Jen: She shows off a sa-weet looking beyblade cake. Almost too awesome to eat...

Len: She's just getting started, but check out her cute minnie mouse post!

Lu: She just showed off some pics of a sweet haul she scored from Japan Center. I am green with envy. ;)

Tini: She reviewed a facial peel. Looks like fun!

Sharona: She posted so uber cute pics of her guinea pig, CoCo! So adorable!

Shahana: She did an honesty tag - you have to read this! And it was passed on to me. :) yay!

Fuyume: She did a HimeGyaru Tutorial List. VERY GOOD INFO!

Suzanne: She's posted some yummy pics of food. :) And I so want a new camera too!

Ayame: Video Blogging! I so want to do this now. ;)

Elena: She found some amazing tights on ebay - I am so getting those.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Style Update 2.0

So, I took my last style update and did some hard thinking about the whole outfit. I came up with some ideas, and tried the outfit again. I ditched the belt from last time and did some cute leggings instead of just standard boring jeans. I also made sure to wear some chunky jewelry that would stand out a bit. I think I improved! See for yourself...

I like these leggings especially since they match the back of my black top. And lace is so in! Go me!

What do you think? Anything I could add or change to make this better? Please share your thoughts!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My first success with false lashes!

I gave up on false lashes last year, and wrote it off as too difficult. However, since I'm into to Gyaru fashion I decided to give it a more dedicated try. And it was a success! It honestly took me about two hours to figure out the best way for me, but I totally have it down. Now that I've got it figured out, its not so hard to do.I got a pair in a goodie bag at my first Cherry Gal meeting. The brand was "fashion lashes".

See the pictures! I am so proud of myself. :)Try not to look at the red eye, lol...

And here is a close up!

Above is my outfit! You can't see but I'm wearing some gray angle boots.

Also, looking at these pictures I realize (some more) that I need to add more eyeliner, especially on the bottom. My eyes are just not popping out like "GAL". And so I will continue working!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sephora Eye Makeup Remover - Review

OK - I do quite a lot of shopping at Sephora. I was about to grab my standard eye makeup remover from Clinique... when I saw a basket of the Sephora's eye makeup remover. It was only $5, so I thought "What the hell." I gave it a chance.

Let me tell you: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. This product kinda sucks. Sure, it can remove eyeshadow well enough, but it hardly made a dent with my waterproof liner and mascara. Plus, it feels super icky and irritates if you get some in your eyes.


Can I have my $5 back? :P

Monday, August 9, 2010

Style Update 08/09/10

Here is my first style update! I wore a studded tank top with back zipper and a black cover with lace backing. I added a ruched belt to spice up my jeans and my favorite pair of heels. I gave my hair a little bump for some volume, with side swept bangs and a skinny studded headband. Hmmmm... not sure about the belt now... What do you think?

I did a little something different with my makeup. I kept with the black eyeliner and lots of mascara, but I added a punch of color. I see a lot of mode models wearing purple and gray eye color, so I took it a step further. It may have been a bit much, but I felt so glamorous! That totally justifies it. ;)

Next time, I think some more accessories like a big chunky bracelet and a chunky beaded necklace. Yay! That means I have a new reason to go to Forever 21 Accessories. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm a Cherry Gal!

Gyaru Fashion is amazing and so much fun! I went to my first gal circle meeting. I'm a member of Cherry Gal Texas, and the other gals I've met so far are so sweet and awesome! Check out their website - its got tons of fun information about being a gal, makeup, and styles.

I'm super new to gyaru fashion, but so far its been fun. My first gal outfit consisted of strappy studded black heels, black distressed skinny jeans, a light purple baby doll top, and black cardigan. I've seen the distressed jeans on lots of mode styled models. My accessories included black beaded chunky necklace, silver rhinestone earrings, and a silver bracelet with a matching purple bow. I had noticed on Universal Doll that scarfs worn in hair and leopard print are trending, so I added a black and white leopard print scarf as a bow in my hair. That last bow might have been a bit too much visually, but hey, I totally felt fabulous.

I've decided to go with a more recent (as far as I can tell) gyaru fashion: MODE. When I see pictures of mode, I see simple colors, black, white, silver, and clean lines with interesting silhouettes, chunky and fabulous jewelry and accessories, and classiness.

I'll be doing a style update about every week. I plan to showcase a new outfit, a sexy new pair of heels, or an irresistible accessory. Look out world! A cherry gal is blossoming.