Friday, May 2, 2014

Mardi Gyaru

Hey Guys and Gals!

In February I went to visit New Orleans. Specifically to enjoy Mardi Gras in Gyaru style - Mardi Gyaru! I spent the weekend with Robin and was finally able to meet Coco. I was so impressed by  drive thru daiquiri shops... wow.

On our first night, Coco and I hit the streets. It was a Thursday, and we caught the last half of a parade. I'm such a dum-dum, and left my wallet at the apt! However, we didn't allow that small fact to stop us. We went to Harrah's Casino, and I managed to get through the front door. So for the rest of the night we played slot machines, ordered free drinks, and lazed in the dance club. Haha, it went really well for such a rocky start!

The next day we decided to go down Bourbon Street to experience the full festivities. It was very crowded! We saw another parade and caught beads from the floats, and then wandered down the road to find a drink shop. Cafe Du Mond was our first resting point, and we all shared some awesome beignets and coffee. We hit up a great dance club where Matt won a twerking contest and pocketed some prize money! After dancing for hours, we finally called it a night in the early morning hours.

One of the best parades was just outside of NOLA city limits. It wasn't crowded and we caught tons of beads! We all stood just in front of a really excellent daiquiri shop.

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I really needed to go through the tons of pictures I took first. It was tons of fun, and I hope we can do it again next year. Maybe Mardi Gyaru will become a tradition?