Sunday, April 24, 2011

Japan Festival - Ganbarre! (IMG HVY) PART 1

Japan Festival is an annual event held in Houston's Hermann Park to showcase Japanese culture, food, music, etc. This year the weather was very nice (although I did get sun burned). There were tons of shops, food stalls, and activities! It was tons of fun, so lets what was there!

It was quite crowded near the stalls, but lots of grass room to relax!

The line for Takoyaki (octopus balls) and Taiyaki (fish shaped pastry) was super long!

Taiyaki is a sweet pastry filled with red bean paste. ^_^

Takoyaki is a fried battered seafood ball with teriyaki sauce.

In addition to the stalls, there were also blankets laid out to look through things available for purchase.

More to come, with lots and lots of pictures! ^_^

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