Friday, October 1, 2010

September Lovely Blogsa ReCap

What have my Lovely Gals been up to for September? Well, with Fall finally here, we've got some great new stuff to blog about and awesome new outfits to show off. :)

Chaudie | Lu | Tini | Sharona | Shahana | Fuyume | Alicia | Suzanne | Ayame | Elena | Tilde | Samei | Tommy | Jenni | Anna | Bexie | Jou | Breezii | Aya | Minna | Emy

First up we have Chaudie! Well, someone put up a "Gal Secret" of her, which was kinda lame but awesome in a weird way. :) She gots tons of blog hits, more followers, and the grace she displayed while some drama went down has earned her tons more respect as a Gal. Not only that, but you can check out lots of info that's great for new gals, plus some awesome makeup tutorial videos she found! Yay, I can contour now!

Next is Lu! She is off to University, and not only is she cramming her head with all kinds of new things to remember, but all that walking is having a great effect! She has lost some weight and dropped a whole size. Yay! Haha... it seems like so many of us are constantly on a diet. :P

Over at Tini's blog, she shares about her new job at Toys R Us. Can you imagine the awesome discount she must get on all that Hello Kitty stuff?? I am kind of jealous!

Let's visit Shahana next. She's got a cute new haircut with bangs! I love it. And... the fur craze is something she's on board with this fall. Most exciting of all (to me anyway) is that Shahana is going to be on Wheel of Fortune for real!

At Fuyume's site, she's got tons of Fashion articles featuring some behind the scenes info on the designers themselves! She also shows us some interesting Japanese fashion and beauty gadgets... lol so strange! Most recently, we get some great nail art tutorial videos.

Suzanne is going to further her academic career in Moscow, Russia! Yay for new experiences, but boo for no internet for a whole month! My favorite post at her blog is how to turn individual lashes into bottom lashes. :) She's also on a circle lens kick, so check out some of her pics on that.

Next we have Ayame! She shares a link to a photobucket album of all those super fun Gal GIFs! Thanks so much. :) We also get to see some pics of a couple of coordinates and pics of her darling babies! They are so cute. ^_^

Over at Elena's Blog, my favorite post is some online shop links to ebay and different sites where you can buy lashes, circle lenses, and gal clothes. She also touches on the issue of people who say mean things just because you dress Gal or sexy. Plus Furry Boots!!

Tilde blogs about global conservation, why she loves makeup and fashion. And people? Quit hating just because she's blonde and likes to dress up. That's what Gal is all about!! ;)

Next up we take a look at Samei! My favorite post is all those street snaps! We can see what real Gals in Japan are wearing, and I think it's a great inspiration. Her ask anything sheds some light on a new style I've been hearing about. EROKAWA is a style it means cute but sexy not porn!

Now let's check out Tommy! She shares her love for WC (I double heart those leopard print boots and sassy hat!) and her winter wish list. On her list is Uggs and some dollywink lashes among other things. :)

Jenni shows us her shopping spree and a new cell phone. What's interesting, is that she shows us an eyelid glue and how to use it... interesting!!!

Over at Anna's blog, she works on her ballet with some sweet new ballet shoes and shows off some great new lipstick she got. :) Can't wait to see pictures!

Bexie models a super cute coordinate with such pretty curled hair! Not only that, but we get a tour of her bedroom - so cute! She also talks about being a Gal at school - fun, but hard sometimes I think.

Let's go check out Jou... She talks about drinking and smoking. I love this post, because I am guilty of both! But... you can be Gal and look cute and still indulge?! Awesome. She also talks about uni, some sweet new bvlgari sunglasses, and her makeup staples. :)

At Breezi's Blog, she is such a busy Gal! She writes for a paper, and she is a member of numerous clubs and organizations! Once she scores some extra money, she is planning on buying the cutest dress and some sweet boots. Good luck!

Next we have Aya. I love the picture she posts on her blog! She inspires me to try new outfits, get crafty, and throw a party! Everything looks so fun on her site. :)

Over at Minna's blog, she talks about Nonoko and how fun it is to mix rock in with gyaru. :) She posts pics of her and her gal friends hanging out and having a good time!

And now we have Emy! She shows us some great Fall items and a couple of beauty products - one being the palty hair dye. She's a great gal that gives us a great makeup tutorial. :) so inspiring!!!!

That's it for the month of September, but keep your eyes open to all these great Gyarus for some more Fall fashion and beauty.

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