Saturday, October 9, 2010



I've been very busy demolishing my closet and giving it a total makeover. I'm getting rid of lots of old stuff to make room for Gal. :)

I guess you could describe my old style as... scene wannabe but really just plain and kinda lame? I'm in the process of a full transition to Gal! lol... wish me luck!

So here is a peek into how my style is evolving. I've taken pics of a few of the old stuff, and what has replaced it. :)

First up, I had a sweater zip up vest thing with unicorns and rainbows. Fun to go out in, but it makes me look like a scene wannabe. bleh...

So instead, I now have a sweet leather vest for my "rock" look! Yay!

Next is one of those colorful skull scarfs you might find in the clearance bin at Hot Topic. Again... makes me look like a wannabe.

Now I stick to something more trending with Gal. :) Head scarfs are so fun and I LOVE leopard print! :D

OK... a black and white zebra print sweater. Ehhh.... not so Gal.

So instead, I have a leopard print cardigan! This cute little number goes with SO MUCH!

And feather boas are always in style right??? I don't know about that.....

But I do know that fur is a CLASSIC.

What did your style evolve from? How long did it take you to make the full transition into Gal?

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