Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini Gal Meet and Hong Kong Mall

Saturday I met up with Mina from Cherry Gal Circle and we went around houston for some bonding time. ^_^ Ha ha, we were having so much fun that I forgot to get a picture of my coordinate... I wore a gray and black plaid pleated skirt with chunky mary janes and knee high black ruffled socks. As you can see in the pic, I also had a my little pony shirt and a black sweater.

We went to the Hong Kong Mall first! I found a sweet Hello Kitty headband (which you can kind of see in the pic above) and we got some pictures printed at the purikura machine at the food court! I'll post pics of those later.

In the meantime, below is a picture of the tasty lunch we had at the noodle house that Mina suggested! She got a huge bowl of noodle soup and some fresh vegetables and sauce to add. I had boring rice so no pic of that! ;)

After that we went to Nippan Daido to grab a couple of things. That too will be a later post of my "gets". Dunno Baby Teahouse is right across the street so we couldn't resist going there as well! Not only do they have great tea and smoothies, but they have some very tasty dessert items.

Mina got the strawberry crepes - how does she eat so much and stay so tiny?! It's a mystery...

...And Mina being silly up there for your enjoyment! What a sweet Gal.

So... get ready for my "gets" post soon! I can't wait to show you all my goodies!!

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