Sunday, August 15, 2010

Style Update 2.0

So, I took my last style update and did some hard thinking about the whole outfit. I came up with some ideas, and tried the outfit again. I ditched the belt from last time and did some cute leggings instead of just standard boring jeans. I also made sure to wear some chunky jewelry that would stand out a bit. I think I improved! See for yourself...

I like these leggings especially since they match the back of my black top. And lace is so in! Go me!

What do you think? Anything I could add or change to make this better? Please share your thoughts!


  1. You're style is looking good! Don't forget to update the Blog-sa's code (I had to fix it again) and post your link post.

  2. Awww! Yes yes yes! You are super gorgeous Alicia!!!

  3. I love that cardigan so much. Love the updated look. You really made it more gyaru.

    *btw you're tagged in my blog, but it's not Lovely-related