Friday, August 13, 2010

My first success with false lashes!

I gave up on false lashes last year, and wrote it off as too difficult. However, since I'm into to Gyaru fashion I decided to give it a more dedicated try. And it was a success! It honestly took me about two hours to figure out the best way for me, but I totally have it down. Now that I've got it figured out, its not so hard to do.I got a pair in a goodie bag at my first Cherry Gal meeting. The brand was "fashion lashes".

See the pictures! I am so proud of myself. :)Try not to look at the red eye, lol...

And here is a close up!

Above is my outfit! You can't see but I'm wearing some gray angle boots.

Also, looking at these pictures I realize (some more) that I need to add more eyeliner, especially on the bottom. My eyes are just not popping out like "GAL". And so I will continue working!


  1. It looks like I can see a tiiiny gap between your false lash & natural lash. So maybe just add a tad of mascara after application & then curl them together so it'll look flawless~ Otherwise, they look great! It's so much fun to try different styles of lashes ^o^v

  2. lol i haaaaaaaaaate putting on falsies because every time i do i seem to mess up some how. I practice a lot more now and I'm seeing some progress but they still don't look right sometimes. It can be really frustrating but practice really does make perfect ^ ^

  3. Thanks guys! I have done it a couple more times, and each time it gets better. :) LOL... I need to go buy an eyelash curler!