Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm a Cherry Gal!

Gyaru Fashion is amazing and so much fun! I went to my first gal circle meeting. I'm a member of Cherry Gal Texas, and the other gals I've met so far are so sweet and awesome! Check out their website - its got tons of fun information about being a gal, makeup, and styles.

I'm super new to gyaru fashion, but so far its been fun. My first gal outfit consisted of strappy studded black heels, black distressed skinny jeans, a light purple baby doll top, and black cardigan. I've seen the distressed jeans on lots of mode styled models. My accessories included black beaded chunky necklace, silver rhinestone earrings, and a silver bracelet with a matching purple bow. I had noticed on Universal Doll that scarfs worn in hair and leopard print are trending, so I added a black and white leopard print scarf as a bow in my hair. That last bow might have been a bit too much visually, but hey, I totally felt fabulous.

I've decided to go with a more recent (as far as I can tell) gyaru fashion: MODE. When I see pictures of mode, I see simple colors, black, white, silver, and clean lines with interesting silhouettes, chunky and fabulous jewelry and accessories, and classiness.

I'll be doing a style update about every week. I plan to showcase a new outfit, a sexy new pair of heels, or an irresistible accessory. Look out world! A cherry gal is blossoming.

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