Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lovely Blogsa - ALL THE WAY!

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Check out Chaudie and her Fab blog on party and event planning. Very well written and inspiring! I totally want to throw a party just for the heck of it now. :)

Jen shows us how cute she looks in a denim jumper. Wow - I wish I could pull off that look! Jen, You look great!

Len is busy with starting a new semester and won't be participating any more. *tear*

I'm with Lu in her latest post, and we are drooling over a super cute straw hat and hand bag. Hang on to summer just a little longer...!

Tini just scored a sweet new bag - big and silver metallic. This baby can go with just about anything! I so want one now...

Showcasing her dancing skills we have Sharona. Wow - this girl has some moves!! Check out the video of her gettin' down.

Shahana just got in a beautiful new skirt for a troupe performance coming up. Belly dancing is hard work, so I give this girl props!

Gal secrets had a pic of Fuyume up, and instead of getting hurt she turned it around to better herself. You are a great Gal, Fuyume!! :)

Suzanne just had a mini shopping spree, and I love that black and white polka dot top! Yummy!

Ayame is posting a giveaway by Fuyume to honor the 100 visitors milestone. I hope I win, so wish me luck!

Elena is revamping her blog and gave us a little peek of her Friday hair - so jealous of the length!!!

Tilde is going to her first day at her University, so lets all wish her luck!

Samei is planning some outfits and nails for an upcoming con. I can't wait to see what she puts together!

I'm with Tommy on this: I want a new camera! Besides that, Tommy has fallen in love with florals. How refreshing florals can be sometimes!

Jenni had a rough summer, but she's keeping her chin up. Cheer up! Cuddly fall weather is just around the corner. :)

That's it for the Lovely Blog-sa Gals. Check these great blogs out!

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