Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lovely Blog-sa Round-up

Alicia: I've been updating my style and playing makeup with falsies. So much fun!

Chaudie: She did an awesome post about internet etiquette. I love it! :) Some gals can be mean. Also check out her adventures of being a mom and housewife and gyaru all at the same time!

Jen: She shows off a sa-weet looking beyblade cake. Almost too awesome to eat...

Len: She's just getting started, but check out her cute minnie mouse post!

Lu: She just showed off some pics of a sweet haul she scored from Japan Center. I am green with envy. ;)

Tini: She reviewed a facial peel. Looks like fun!

Sharona: She posted so uber cute pics of her guinea pig, CoCo! So adorable!

Shahana: She did an honesty tag - you have to read this! And it was passed on to me. :) yay!

Fuyume: She did a HimeGyaru Tutorial List. VERY GOOD INFO!

Suzanne: She's posted some yummy pics of food. :) And I so want a new camera too!

Ayame: Video Blogging! I so want to do this now. ;)

Elena: She found some amazing tights on ebay - I am so getting those.

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