Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pastel Pink and Blue

Just a quick post to show my new nails :)

I let them rest in January, and they are back now for the time being!

I get all my 3D plastic parts from Yuki Campbell's Fullmoon Deco Webstore and I buy the swarovski crystals on ebay or at Micheal's. I use a drop of super glue straight on the nail and place the crystal or nail deco on using tweezers.

Super glue offers a strong hold, but it dries quickly so you have to act fast! Also, be careful not to get the glue on other parts of your nail as it will look cloudy and detract from the shine of your polish or acrylic finish.

I do nails myself in an effort to save money. :) Does anyone else DIY their nails?

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