Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Favorite DECO phone apps - Part 2 SNAPEEE

Here is a mini review and example of my second choice of a really good, and free, puri app for android and iphone.

# 2 - DecoPic on android and iphone

This is a kawaii photo deco app that you can take pics with, deco, and then upload to various sites like twitter and facebook.

Snapeee has frames, stamps, pen function, text function, and lots of cute stuff to add! It posts to social media sites well, and saves your photos on your phone for you for access later. :) Its free, and there is a mini community within the app itself! You can browse other users photos and follow them. Its a lot of fun!

It has lots of options, but not as much as other photo editing apps. The options are well rounded, so it works well for me. I could see someone who posts several photos a day getting bored maybe? They come out with new stuff occasionally though. Also, you can't share directly with your own contacts straight from the app. :(

Here are a couple of pics I played with and uploaded to G+

My favorite part about this app is being able to follow other users and seeing what they post. ^_^ I hope this review was helpful, and remember that this is a free app! :D

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