Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorite DECO phone apps - Part 1 DECOPIC

I wish I could make it to the PuriKura machine at Planet Zero more often! I love getting friends together for this. ^_^

Since its on the other side of Houston, and costs about $3 per sheet (I think), using an app is a great option! You won't have stickers in person :( but you can share with more people :) via twitter, facebook, etc.

Here is a mini review and example of two really good, and free, puri apps for android and iphone.

#1 - DecoPic on android and iphone

This is a cute photo decorating app that you can snap pics with, decorate, and then upload to social media sites.
The more pics you take, deco, and upload - the more features become available.

Deco pic has frames, stamps, pen function, text function, and lots of cute stuff to add! It posts to social media sites well, and saves your photos on your phone for you for access later. :)

It has lots of options, but you have to use the app more and more to unlock everything. Hahaha, I kind of just want it all now! Also, you can't share directly to a friend. :(

These are a couple of pics I've played with and uploaded to twitter (@fatandsassy).

#2 Snapeee - will be my next post!

Its lots of fun, and you can get pretty cute results from this app! I know Bloomzy uses this app, does anyone else?

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