Friday, April 19, 2013

Weightloss and Self Confidence

Hello lovelies! You may have known (or not) that I am still continuing a healthy lifestyle with more exercise and balanced nutrition. The progress is slow, but quick weight loss has never been permanent for me, especially with fad diets that promise quick results. This time I am trying to make a permanent and manageable change that will get me healthy and keep me healthy.

Exercise has always been such a drag for me. So, I have been going to belly dance classes with my good friends Amanda and Tara, which is taught by another good friend Tiffany. Its so much fun and a great way to exercise and gain self confidence!

The other night we went to a drum jam at Solea in Houston put on by Belly Dance Theatre Houston.

We had so much fun dancing and hanging out! I know the group shot is terrible - but that really was the least blurry one. Hahaha... I think I look kinda scary! ^-^

Lots of Love,

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