Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Dye Hair Extensions - Tutorial

I love to change my hair color! It's something fun and easy to change your whole look. If you've bought hair extensions (which can sometimes be expensive) you might feel stuck. After all, if you dye your hair then your extension won't match
If you have human hair extensions (and they haven't been treated to be un-dyeable) then you can consider dyeing your extensions to match. Usually only 3 shades in either direction (lighter or darker) is recommended so it doesn't damage the hair too much. 

I decided to try bleaching an old set of extensions to match my current hair, and here's how it turned out...

How to dye human hair extensions:
What you need:
Bleach or dye
Dye gloves and old clothing to wear
Paper towels to clean up any spills
Bowl and Brush
Two large plastic bags
Hot towel from dryer
Heavy item (such as a large book)
Flat work surface
Clear sink and an extra towel for drying

Step 1.  Prepare your work surface by spreading out one of the bags. This is where you will lay your hair and apply the bleach or dye. Have hair extensions laid out and brushed/clean nearby. Throw your towel in dryer so it can get nice and hot.

Step 2. Put on your gloves and mix up your dye or bleach. Make sure you have on old clothes that you wouldn't mind getting dye on and keep paper towels nearby just in case.

Step 3. Lay out flat your first piece of hair. While hold the top of the extensions, use your brush to apply the bleach in downward strokes (much like you would do on your own hair). Be sure to thoroughly saturate and evenly coat your hair.

Step 4. Lay down your next piece on top and repeat the same process of applying bleach as you did in step 3.

Step 5. Do this until all your extensions are coated in bleach.

Step 6. Cover with second plastic bag.

Step 6. Cover with hot towel from dryer and put a book or a heavy flat item on top.

Step 7. Leave under for 10 minutes, then check to see if your hair has reached the desired color. If it's not ready yet, leave in dye and check every five minutes until the color you want has been acheived.

Step 8. With gloves still on, take your hair to the sink to rinse in cool water. Take each piece and hold the extension at the top as you run cool water through the hair. Use your finger to massage the dye out from the hair or the top of the extensions. Lay on a dry surface when finished rinsing each piece.

Step 9. Once all extensions are completely rinsed clear of dye, pat dry with a towel and then allow to air dry.

Step 10. When your extensions are dry, gently brush and wear as usual. VIOLA!


I hope this is useful for someone out there! This was quite fun to do on a day off. Have you ever tried to dye extensions before? Any steps you would add? Let's hear it! :)

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