Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Purikura Book - Sticker Gets! Plus ETC

So sorry for the lack of posts! Christmas has been fun and very busy with lots of other stuff going on. Just wanted to share some of the cute stickers I found for my Purikura Book! ^_^ All these goodies for only $10 at Target.

Yay for GETS! Maybe a Christmas present post later?

Fair warning! The following blurb is not GAL related!

I've officially signed up and registered for classes! I will be taking Math, History, and English. After this semester, I will consider working part time and try to go to school full time. My first class is on January 19. Wish me luck! ^_~

Also, a very good friend of mine will be moving into a bigger place with me and my dear. We will be both attending the same classes together, and splitting rent will be a big help to pay for school!

Furthermore, after having fake nails consistently for the past six months or so, I've decided to give them a rest this January and start back in February.

Anyone else have exciting news for the new year coming up?

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