Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gets - pic spam

As promised, a gets post! Lots and lots of pics... A trip to the mall a month ago has seriously increased by casual gyaru wardrobe choices. I got my items from F21 (most), Old Navy, Shasa, and Hot Topic.

Leopard print faux fur coat online at Torrid - My fav purchase... SO SOFT.
And me trying out the Hime style bump (no curls). I think bigger next time, haha. ^-^

My first Usamimi -- found the last one at Shasa for only $1

Free sized top from F21 - Super comfy, and I love the rhinestone detailing on the L's.\

Black lace sweater from Hot Topic - I think I will cut this up to make it more interesting.

Pink sparkle tee from Old Navy - I couldn't resist. ;)

Another top from F21 - easy to do a Rock style with this.

Stripe and lace bow top from Hot Topic - this shirt looks great with a vest and skirt!

Long Sleeve from F21 - another casual and comfy top; looks good with skinny jeans or skirt.

Hello Kitty tee from F21 - another "I couldn't resist". Wish I would see more ChocoCat!

Well Gals, its much too late for me. Off to bed! Just one more day and then happy fun weekend time! Stay strong and maintain!

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