Thursday, September 16, 2010

Popteen is GaGa for Gaga

That's right, Popteen is GaGa for Lady Gaga in September. I adore Lady Gaga's music and style :) so very much. Our queen of pop has a two page spread in Popteen's September issue. I love the model's black and pink lashes on the cover!

Fashion items I noticed were the big bow placed in hair, "bunny ears" headband, her MODE-kei style showcasing simple color combinations with clean lines/patterns, and interesting silhouettes (first GaGa scan), and a Rokku style with torn fishnets, cut message tee, and leather and studs (second Gaga scan).

I've also noted that (of course I'm late to the party) that bowler hats are trending.

...AND, I think I'm going to try and make a "bunny ears" headband on my own and offer you guys a tutorial! Would you be interested? ;)

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