Monday, September 20, 2010

Gal Meet - PIC HEAVY

Another Gal meet went down on Friday at Miller Outdoor Theater. We all had a mini picnic on the lawn and watched the Japanese Grand Taiko Festival! Tons of fun. :) Here's what I wore: blue cut half shirt, sequin leopard print tank, black pants, and pig tails with a bowler hat. I used some more "natural" looking lashes, but you can't see a thing behind my glasses. :( Lesson learned - bolder is better.

Here's the group posing for fun pics! You can check out more photos at our website: As you can tell, we had a blast! Hanging out and munching on asian snacks is so much fun with your Gals. :)

The Drum Festival was so amazing! And, Miller Outdoor Theater is free if you grab a spot on the hill. Can't wait until this happens next year! :)

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