Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lovely Blogsa!

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Here is an update on what my lovely girls have been doing recently!

Chaudie: She's planning a GalCon for 2015. OMG this is a glorious idea! This girl is ambitious. :)

Jen: A quick post about some cute pink loose socks she's dreaming of. Speaking of socks.... well, I'll blog about that later!

Lu: She gives us a very simple rose bud nail polish tutorial.

Tini: Nothing new this week.

Sharona: A shout out for votes on so lets show some support!

Shahana: She blogs about a perfect day and starting her own photography site. Her skills are great. :)

Fuyume: Here we have a fashion blog with lots of pics of great coordinates and a history of Anna Sui.

Suzanne: She's got a new camera and shows us some stunning and simple eye makeup. An everyday look that's fab if you ask me. :)

Ayame: We get a great post about what basics should be in your closet for any gyaru - looks like I need to find me a blazer, lol.

Elena: She is taking a Japanese class from a Russian (oh the lulz) and may be going to Tokyo next year... JEALOUS!

Tilde: She went on a shopping trip and got some really cute stuff! Lucky lucky. :)

Samei: She is getting her nails done and has some super cute photos up for ideas!

Tommy: Leaving London but taking a piece of the gyaru fashion back home with her.

Jenni: Here we have a makeup photo with some very pretty lashes done and a few new jackets she bought for the upcoming fall and winter. I especially love the leopard print!

Anna: She's still working on getting blog up to 100%. Did you know she's a ballerina? Wow. :)

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