Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Trends for the PLUS sized GYARU

Spring is officially here! Spring trends is what we are looking at. I'm going to keep it simple and just show you all two of the trends I think are cute for spring. Nautical and Gingham styles.

Here are a couple of scans from my fav mag, EGG, showcasing these trends.

SO - here is the simple part. Two of the most easily accessible and trendy plus stores in my experience are Torrid and Forever21. Here are a couple of items that I found online that match these trends!

simple gingham button up - can be worn open, buttoned, tied

open pointelle hoodie is almost exactly like the one in the 4th EGG pic

sailor themed shirts are easier to find in more places

the high waist button ups don't always look flattering, so try to find a 2 or 3 button pant instead


sailor striped dresses or tops are super easy to mix with nautical accessories

another simple gingham top in red this time for more color pop
Hope this helps! Also, since these trends don't seem to be as popular in the US, consider bringing these trends into your style with accessories - like a bag or scarf.

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