Monday, March 18, 2013

FOTD and Seussical the Musical

For my Theater class we are to write a paper critique of a major performance made at the college. I took Mark with me to see Seussical the Musical. Even though it had a rough start, it was really good and we had lots of fun! It was a really cute production, and you should see a performance if you get the chance.

I had time to do my makeup for the night as well, and I got lots of compliments for the drama kids at the theater! \^_^/

It always looks like I don't wear blush in pictures even though I put on quite a bit originally. Haha, maybe it wears off?!

Also, I am just finishing up with midterms. So far I will all my credits for my biology degree by the end of this fall at the latest (maybe even this summer). Then I shall start nursing school! I'm already looking forward to that time...

Lots of Love,

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