Monday, February 27, 2012

April Fool Romance: a really cool giveaway

April Fool Romance: a fun giveaway! I love how she uses rafflecopter :) to track entries.

Awesome News: My First Giveaway sponsored by Shoppingholics!

Shoppingholics have been so kind and generous!
They've offered to sponsor this blog a giveaway!
Enter to win...
One FREE pair of Circle Lenses, your choice!
(They have organized sections to choose from brand, color, or prescription for those who wear glasses and/or contacts up to -10.00!)
A contact lens case to go along with your new circle lenses :]
A set of Melliesh Secret Eyelashes No.3
And to my own accord (not provided or suggested by Shoppingholics), I'll include this cute little bag!
You get the choice of brown or pink!

- The only way to enter this giveaway is through Rafflecopter.
- The winner must respond within 72 hours of the announcement/notification.
I'll add more if I think of anything.

Ends on March 19th 2012
12:01 AM EST
It will all go to one winner!
Shipping is worldwide excluding Israel.
(They told me that Malaysia isn't accepting shipment there.)
(Shoppingholics will send out the prizes from their location,
 but I will send out the bag from my location.
So the arrival time for them will differ.)


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