Thursday, March 3, 2011


FYI - strawbags are probably going to be in for spring and summer! (Source: Mitsu) I like this a lot because tis is an item you can find easily in the US - in stores and online. Also, there is the option to buy a plain bag and then dress it up on your own. ^_~

Above is the Yume straw bag.

Even W*C has one with the adorable Kumaten character.

Above bags are dressed in lots of bows and frills - Liz Lisa.

And lastly Cecil McBee has their own version with a simple bow and logo.

Haha, I am officially on the hunt for my own straw bag! I will be looking out at stores and online and will report back!

As a side note... I have been neglecting this blog and I am very sorry gals. :( Ready for it to get a bit personal? I have been juggling work and school, but that's not the issue. I have a surgery coming up next week that I've been getting ready for. So... Wish me luck, okay?

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