Tuesday, March 15, 2011

February Meet - PIC HEAVY

Sory for lack of updates! Surgery went well, and I'm back! :) Here are the pics from the February meet with the cherry gal circle.

We all met up at Dunobaby for tea and smoothies. We sat around, laughed, and played with makeup. So fun and casual. ^_^ I love my gals.

What I wore: jean shorts, cut tiger tee, fishnet leopard tights, fox tail (prolly for the last :( time), hip chain, heels, and head scarf. I rushed to get ready, so my hair isn't the best though... lol.

Here are the two newest members, and such sweethearts, Lana and her sister.

Me and Amanda looking especially silly, and me looking especially chubby . XD

And silly Myspace style pics courtesy of Amanda... hahaha...

All in all - tons of fun. Our next meet is a sleepover on April 16th. SO EXCITED!

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