Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Torrid Gal Finds - pic spam

OMIGAWD... So torrid is having a great sale on clearance items now. Yeah, I'm kinda chunky and wearing a size "0" is kinda weird... but look at all this awesome Gal stuff I found!

On my GalCir forums, I had someone asking about Gal on a budget. It's totally doable! While we all want that new such and such that costs a bazillion dollars, you can still find some great stuff in some unexpected places. And I LOVE clearance... such a rush!

Everything here is under $15, except my fav piece: this leopard fur coat for only $18.

Check it out here!

My favorite piece... only $18. WOW, just wow.

Full fur vest - Doesn't it look so warm and luxurious? Yay for fur trend!

Plaid! I love plaid, as it is trendy and great for the Rokku look.

Fur trimmed vest - a fun way to add the fur trend to a simple coord.

Simple black pants go with everything, plus keeps your legs warm. ^_^

Bow detail on the sides is so cute!

Olive shorts - easy to coordinate with blacks or browns.

Leopard sequin top - so flashy!

So... anyone else trying to do Gal on a budget? What are some great places for you to find Gyaru clothing at some seriously awesome prices?

'Cause girl... my nails cost money, and I want to have it all: clothes, shoes, nails, jewelry... @_@
Haha... my wallet is in tears.

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