Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Japan Festival - Houston 2013

Hey gals! I'm so sorry for the late post, but I was super busy with finals and Shimmy Mob. Luckily, I had several posts already drafted and was able to publish a few without going MIA for almost a month, eheheh.

Anyway, I had a lovely time at Japan Festival with my sister, Mina. Also, I was very fortunate to meet a couple of gyaru at the festival. I know, please hold back the surprise and don't die - I met gyaru in real life and not just on the internet! Hahaha... I was trying to sneak a picture, and they actually asked me for a picture as well. Robin and Mina (another Mina ^^) were introduced to me from the Bulaklak Tribe. :D Such sweet gals! One is from New Orleans and the other Houston, so we are planning to meet up again and hang out very soon.

On to the pictures, right?!

Oh, and my bottom lashes were betraying me later in the day! How could you?!

Lots of Love,

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