Tuesday, October 23, 2012

September meet WOW

Here is a quick post of the amazing meet Cherry Gal had in September.
We had a great time getting Puri, having lunch, and then walking to a wonderful patisserie (spelling on that maybe off).
Planning the meet for October in a week! Yay!

 Here are the pictures using the mobile blogger app. Unfortunately, the pics from the app tend to be very low quality. :(

Here are the pics using the regular uploader from my laptop.

We had so much fun hanging out together! ^_^ 

We did several rounds of puri, and to divide the pics fairly, we took rounds of choosing which ones each of us took by playing rock, paper, scissors. Haha, fair right?! Of course I did very poorly!

 I'm so happy that we have been able to meet up once a month consistently. I feel like it is such an amazing and fun thing that we all found each other through this group and now can have so much fun together. ^_^

So excited for our next meet!

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