Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweets Deco - Whipple Review

I found a really fun sweets deco set at ToysRUs a long while back, and I finally got around to playing with it. :) Here is my review of Whipple!

The box comes with stuff for you to already decorate - cakes, fruit, beads and whatnot. The fake whipped cream comes in a resealable pastry style bag. Here is what I have played with so far.

I really like this macaroon as its a charm as well! :)

I took it a step further and decorated a clear cell phone case and embedded goodies straight into the whipped cream. Hahaha... my man says it looks like I'm talking to a piece of cake!

Think of the possibilities! :) You can deco the tops of containers, like eyeshadow, hair clips, headphones, pocket mirrors, just about anything!

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